Journeying around Europe

We have already journeyed around Europe as a couple and a family of course, first emigrating to Lyon and now to a French village in “France-Voisine” beside Geneva, from where we have explored the region. Geneva is a very useful starting place from which to discover mainland Europe, it is a hub for travelling around France, Switzerland, and Italy and we have visited many places from here in every direction.

Now there is something about my current situation that is making me want to explore Europe even more. I am not entirely clear what is driving me. Is it a reaction to the end of my working life and the transition to this third age? I feel it is about seizing the day, whilst I am able to do so. It is about shaking up that road and seeing where it will lead. So with my husband’s blessing I plan to travel alone, I do not know where and for how long, whether I will enjoy it or whether I will be homesick. But there is an itch I just have to scratch. It links to my desire to continue to learn at every age, and no matter how much I can learn about the places I will visit – their history, culture, and language – there will still be an infinitely deep well of knowledge left. I will drink in what I can from the well.

Update :

I did it.  I was afraid but I jumped.  Since I started this blog and wrote the words above I have been on two, mostly solo, journeys around Europe.  The first time I travelled through France, Northern Spain, and Portugal.  On my second journey I headed in the opposite direction and spent several months in Italy and Croatia.    The journeys affected me deeply – they were physical travels but also emotional journeys of self-discovery and personal growth.  You can read about them in my posts.   

When we break out of inertia something magical happens.


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