Porto – my penultimate pause

In my mind’s eye Porto is an oil painting melting in the rain, all of its colours running down the canvas, and its tall, thin buildings reflected in pavement puddles, for the unseasonal sunshine I had enjoyed for months broke as I arrived and I saw much of Porto in the rain. I remember the … Continue reading


They say that experiences bring us more happiness than material possessions.   Indeed, when I reflect on the things that have brought me the most joy in life it is my experiences which come to mind, not a car, camera, or even my very best jewellery.    It is barbecues at sundown on a beach; it is … Continue reading


Leaving the vineyards of western Spain behind I travelled down the coast into Portugal, heading for Viana do Castelo.   Here I stayed in paradise – on an old vineyard called Paco D’Anha which I will write about in my next post. I was to have many blissful days there, but I also had to fight … Continue reading