In my last post about my visit to Cinque Terre I tantalised my readers with the following words :  “I was on the home stretch of Journey 2.   I had one famous sight to see (i.e. Cinque Terre) then it would be a slow return via Italian countryside to Courcheval, through the Mont Blanc tunnel, … Continue reading


A few years ago I stood on the path of a labyrinth marked out in a friend’s garden and, looking up at a benevolent full moon, asked the universe what was to become of me. Did I have the courage, resources and wherewithal to give up work, follow a dream and charge out of the … Continue reading


On the coast just to the East of Santiago de Compostela I crossed some dunes on a long wooden boardwalk and found Carnota Beach stretching out lazily in the sun. It was unlike any other beach I had visited and a day there felt like a day spent in Heaven. The curved beach was wide … Continue reading


The landscape changes strikingly as I descend the French west coast from Bordeaux. The sudden hills remind me that I am entering the Pyrenean foothills and that I am in the Pays Basque. When I started my Journey I was told to be sure to see the Spanish town of San Sebastian just over the … Continue reading


I  head south-west through Poitou-Charentes, the Cognac, region and decide to make a convenient stop-over at Saint-Hilaire-de-Villefranche.   On the way I call in at Saint-Jean-d’Angély because the name sounds so pretty. I park near some splendid civic buildings then enter the old town and stop by the ‘office de tourisme’ for some information. The lady … Continue reading

The Chateau de Bazoches and its hero on the hill

Before leaving Bazoches I visit the chateau overlooking the farm, thinking that this will be a cultural visit seeing fine old furniture and armoury, little knowing it will be rather different. In fact I am to make the acquaintance of another inspirational historical character, and see again how some lives are led to the absolute … Continue reading

Lessons in Aging – Number One

One aspect of this blog is the journey approaching our ‘third age’ and I want to explore with others how to do so as constructively as possible.  As I have previously expressed, I want this to be a silver not grey journey. In recent weeks I have attended an AgeEsteem workshop (1); listened to specialist … Continue reading

Not all those who wander are lost

The decision has, just about, been made. I start my first major solo journey around Europe in September when I shall be free of commitments.   Nerves mix with excitement in equal measure. If I feel nervous then why am I doing this? I go back to my original feelings when I started this blog, the … Continue reading

Can one age with “pizzazz”?

I have met someone who says we can. The strange connections we make on our way continue to surprise me. It’s as if life is a web on which we vibrate and catch interesting specimens just when we need them. As I was mulling over my new journey ahead and how I’d like to discuss … Continue reading