When someone’s journey ends

I have travelled much further along my Journey than my blog shows; I just could not keep up with my posts.   I eventually decided to not let that worry me. In the words of the now famous Disney song I “Let It Go” – which I am learning is a very healthy state of mind … Continue reading


I  head south-west through Poitou-Charentes, the Cognac, region and decide to make a convenient stop-over at Saint-Hilaire-de-Villefranche.   On the way I call in at Saint-Jean-d’Angély because the name sounds so pretty. I park near some splendid civic buildings then enter the old town and stop by the ‘office de tourisme’ for some information. The lady … Continue reading

At Vézelay : The Unintended Pilgrim

Vézelay rises high on a hill above the surrounding Burgundy countryside, the twin towers of Sainte-Madeleine visible from afar. It has been a beacon for pilgrims for hundreds of years, guiding them to this special place on the road to Santiago de Compostela. Arriving at the village portal one climbs a narrow road by foot … Continue reading

Toward a second mild and absorbing purpose…

I have made a significant transition and have left my job. I have to say amid many different emotions. A feeling of imminent freedom and adventure plus reminiscences about the past and lives that I have touched and been touched by in turn. I was surrounded by warmth and well wishes on my departure and … Continue reading


I’ve jumped.  I have handed in my notice and finish my paid-job at the end of April.  The opposing emotions of excitement  and fear battle it out in my heart daily, most often excitement crowding out the nervous questions  “Is what I have done sensible?”   “Will there be enough money?”    I find I repeat the … Continue reading

Another step on the Journey taken

As the New Year arrives I take a giant stride forward.  I have done the sums and am about to hand in my notice to free myself for Journey With Me in a few months time.  Sometimes I feel exhilarated, sometimes I am fearful.  I have a card* with a drawing of swimming dophins permanently … Continue reading

Another small step for (wo)mankind

I have taken another step, easy for some people but not so small for me.  I have reistered a domain name and created a simple website  Journey-With-Me.com     Preparing for the future.   What seems to be taking shape is to explore my journey into this next phase of life, the “later years”, and share that journey with others.  Maybe … Continue reading

Still on my journey

My journey is still taking shape.  I can feel it trying to find its form from these nebulous beginnings. Ideas swim around and around in my head, but life and the current day job keep me distracted from my purpose. What is exciting is to be 56 yet feel I am embarking on something NEW.  Something is … Continue reading

Journeys begin with the first step

Every journey has to start with the first step.  One part of my journey is to dive deeper into the digital age and connect with other journeymen.  So here I am learning WordPress and having the courage to press ‘Publish’ on my first post.  How scary was that.  I told myself ‘Feel the fear and do it … Continue reading