I left Cantabria and travelled further along the north coast of Spain into the Province of Asturias.  The surroundings were so lush I could understand more vividly why this is called the Costa Verde.   When I was not crossing precipitous high ground I drove low between green-brown mountains on my left and a turquoise sea … Continue reading

Swiss burning fires, Scottish burning desires

It is interesting to observe the lengths to which the European Union has been going to ensure its membership stays intact. The strongest economies have been investing enormous amounts to shore up the members who are ailing. Such is the importance placed on political and economic unity of neighbour states on the world stage. With … Continue reading

On that which we leave behind …

Last year I was at the funeral of a dear, loving lady and speaker after speaker referred to her in their eulogies as being terrifically well-organised and efficient. “There was more to her than that!” I wanted to shout. As often happens at funerals you can find yourself reflecting on your own future memorial service, … Continue reading