This blog has been created as I enter a time of important and, to me huge, transition. I call it my Third Age.   As I approach this third stage of my life I have many questions, hopes, concerns and fears.   I realised that many, many people are and will be starting this third age with the same emotions.  I want to connect with them and journey forward together.  I don’t have all the answers, but I am asking questions and have some insights.  Maybe I will attract readers who are interested in my discoveries and viewpoints about aging, and hopefully I will meet people who will help me along MY journey thanks to their wisdom, outlook and knowledge.

After an intense career in social work, counselling, senior management, and private consultancy  I have made the decision to leave my paid job and jump into the unknown.  I want to shake up my life and make a fresh start as I enter this new life phase.   Hence my attraction to Sheenagh Pugh’s poem.

The Journey posts will be about this transitional life phase.

Journeys around Europe will be posts about my travelling around Europe, some of it alone.

The Silver Journey Page and Posts will be about aging positively.

The Journey Within Page and Posts will be about my spiritual life, learning and development.

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