A is for Aosta “The Little Alpine Rome”.

Most people pass quickly by Aosta on the Autostrada on their way to or from the Mont Blanc Tunnel and their onward journey. It is worth a brief stay, however, for it has a charming old centre and is chock-full of history. In particular it retains a lot of its roman heritage. It was constructed … Continue reading

Journey Two – here I come!

Journey Two starts tomorrow morning – as a dear friend said in her beautiful card that arrived yesterday : “The Migrant Kingfisher is taking flight again!”  This time I am turning right. Don’t laugh. When friends asked me where I was going on my first Journey I told them I was turning left. You know, from … Continue reading


A few years ago I stood on the path of a labyrinth marked out in a friend’s garden and, looking up at a benevolent full moon, asked the universe what was to become of me. Did I have the courage, resources and wherewithal to give up work, follow a dream and charge out of the … Continue reading