Guided by my GPS

I leave Bazoches heading for Bourges bidding a, now fond, farewell to the farmer’s wife Madame Perrier who presents me with gifts, specialities of the region. I had decided on a certain route which looked sensible. When I get to the main road my GPS wants me to go another way, however. So I follow … Continue reading

The Chateau de Bazoches and its hero on the hill

Before leaving Bazoches I visit the chateau overlooking the farm, thinking that this will be a cultural visit seeing fine old furniture and armoury, little knowing it will be rather different. In fact I am to make the acquaintance of another inspirational historical character, and see again how some lives are led to the absolute … Continue reading

At Vézelay : The Unintended Pilgrim

Vézelay rises high on a hill above the surrounding Burgundy countryside, the twin towers of Sainte-Madeleine visible from afar. It has been a beacon for pilgrims for hundreds of years, guiding them to this special place on the road to Santiago de Compostela. Arriving at the village portal one climbs a narrow road by foot … Continue reading

Bazoches – an idyll in the Burgundy countryside.

STAGE TWO I have arrived in Paradise. Leaving Bourg-en–Bresse I stopped briefly at the historic and majestic Tournus in Southern Burgundy, with its dramatic Abbey and old quarter on the wide river Saone, passing vineyards and grape pickers by the roadside on the way. The abbey was built around 1000 AD and is one of … Continue reading

The Journey has begun

The Journey has begun …. And what an auspicious start in a place of beauty and serenity. A joyful experience…. Stage One : Bourg-en-Bresse     Built on Love There once was a child, born of the most eminent royal heritage, whose mother was killed in a riding accident when she was only two years old. Thus … Continue reading

When a Journey is more than a trip . . .

My Journey is about to begin. I leave in a few days’ time. I have come to call it simply Journey in my head, rather than the journey, it has become a thing.  Journey. Perhaps because it encapsulates so much more than merely a ‘trip’ – It has more meaning than that to me. As … Continue reading