On that which we leave behind …

Last year I was at the funeral of a dear, loving lady and speaker after speaker referred to her in their eulogies as being terrifically well-organised and efficient. “There was more to her than that!” I wanted to shout. As often happens at funerals you can find yourself reflecting on your own future memorial service, … Continue reading

Not all those who wander are lost

The decision has, just about, been made. I start my first major solo journey around Europe in September when I shall be free of commitments.   Nerves mix with excitement in equal measure. If I feel nervous then why am I doing this? I go back to my original feelings when I started this blog, the … Continue reading

Meditation goes mainstream

When did meditation become so conventional?   I have been interested in it for many years, dipping into practice on and off.  Always saying to myself I will do more of this “when I have time”.  As one guru said, though : “Too busy for meditation? Huh, that’s what lazy people say.”  I have every sympathy, … Continue reading