Can one age with “pizzazz”?

I have met someone who says we can. The strange connections we make on our way continue to surprise me. It’s as if life is a web on which we vibrate and catch interesting specimens just when we need them.

As I was mulling over my new journey ahead and how I’d like to discuss with others a positive approach to this “third stage” I went to a conference on another matter entirely and sat next to a lady whom I instantly liked and connected with. It turned out that she had had the very same idea some years ago and had acted on it with fervour. Her name is Bonnie, which is apt, as she is just that by nature, and she started AgeEsteem® when she too was approaching what she calls her golden years.

Bonnie was a manager and motivational coach in her earlier career, skills she still calls into play with her organisation. She runs workshops, coaching sessions, and travels the world spreading the word that we need to feel good about ourselves at every age, and that people of all ages should be respected as fully contributing members of society. She has written a book and articles on this, her passion, and runs an active website on www.ageesteem full of advice and inspiration.

Bonnie advocates not just living positively at any age, but living with zest and pizzazz. Voila. What serendipity to meet someone like Bonnie right at this moment. I may call them silver years and she may call them golden, but we seem to agree that they should be just as precious as our “salad days”,  as Shakespeare’s Cleopatra called them.   It is part of my silver journey to find out how.

One Response to “Can one age with “pizzazz”?”
  1. Bonnie says:

    I love the flavour of your writing! Not only are you showing how to age with pizzazz, and therefore with age esteem, but you have a magical way of weaving “life” into your writing in a way that makes me feel that you are speaking directly to me.

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