Toward a second mild and absorbing purpose…

I have made a significant transition and have left my job. I have to say amid many different emotions. A feeling of imminent freedom and adventure plus reminiscences about the past and lives that I have touched and been touched by in turn. I was surrounded by warmth and well wishes on my departure and one valued colleague gave me a poem which, to me, perfectly describes my current status and transformation.

“Your husband is very lucky,” observed Smithers, “to have ornithology to fall back upon when fishing fails.”
Cyril Hare, Death Is No Sportsman

When fishing fails, when no bait avails,
And nothing speaks in liquid hints
Of where the fishes went for weeks,
And dimpled ponds and silver creeks
Go flat and tarnish, it’s nice if
You can finish up your sandwich,
Pack your thermos, and ford
This small hiatus toward
A second mild and absorbing purpose.

Kay Ryan

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