Can one age with “pizzazz”?

I have met someone who says we can. The strange connections we make on our way continue to surprise me. It’s as if life is a web on which we vibrate and catch interesting specimens just when we need them. As I was mulling over my new journey ahead and how I’d like to discuss … Continue reading

Toward a second mild and absorbing purpose…

I have made a significant transition and have left my job. I have to say amid many different emotions. A feeling of imminent freedom and adventure plus reminiscences about the past and lives that I have touched and been touched by in turn. I was surrounded by warmth and well wishes on my departure and … Continue reading

A Journey to Snowy Saas Grund

I’ve never seen snow like this, thick as Gruyère double cream. It lies just like three-feet thick royal icing, smooth across boulders and house tops, dripping down the sides of the roads by the stream. Though a ski centre, Saas Grund is still a traditional Swiss village. Not chocolate box, prettied-up chalets, but old wooden … Continue reading