I’ve jumped.  I have handed in my notice and finish my paid-job at the end of April.  The opposing emotions of excitement  and fear battle it out in my heart daily, most often excitement crowding out the nervous questions  “Is what I have done sensible?”   “Will there be enough money?”    I find I repeat the phrase “The universe will provide” as if it’s a mantra and follow advice from new-age self help books which urge one to BELIEVE that you live in abundance and all will be well.  My emotions are clichés, I feel “on the cusp” of a new threshold;  I feel “on the verge” of discovering this new life-phase.

I have been heart-warmed by colleagues expressing how much they will miss me and my contribution to the workplace.   I have been equally intrigued by the reaction of some to the fact that I have actually reviewed my life, found it wanting in some areas and in need of change, and that as a result I have made some big decisions about my life plans for the next few years.  Interesting.  We have strategic plans in the workplace, set objectives in our annual appraisals with our bosses,  yet so few of us really plan our own lives as we hope and aim to live them.   And yet it is so precious, each moment passing so quickly, and so fragile that we cannot be certain how much sand is left in our personal timers.   I am another walking cliché. I am Carpe Diem, Seize The Day.

“Come to the edge”, He said.     They said  ‘We can’t. We’re afraid.’  

“Come to the edge.”   ‘We can’t. We will fall!’  

“Come to the edge.”

And they came.   And he pushed them.   And they flew.

(Guillaume Apollinaire  1880-1918)



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