Another step on the Journey taken

As the New Year arrives I take a giant stride forward.  I have done the sums and am about to hand in my notice to free myself for Journey With Me in a few months time.  Sometimes I feel exhilarated, sometimes I am fearful.  I have a card* with a drawing of swimming dophins permanently on view to inspire and encourage me.  It says “Stand on the edge and look to your dreams.  Hold hands with your fear and leap…. The other side is nearer than you ever imagined.”   I was told an Indian quote recently, something like “If you take one step of courage God will provide a thousand steps of help”.  I guess if you are uncomfortable with the word God you can substitute the Universe, Angels, or simply Life.  As I decide to give up my paid employment and all the risks that that involves I am attracted to another saying – Never let fear decide your future.

*Tree of Life Inspirations

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